Site 14: THE FEIST BAKERY 1920

The Feist Bakery, early 20th C. Site 14
The Feist Bakery, early 20th C. Site 14

This bakery, owned by Mr J. Feist, was built in 1920 on the site of a previous saddlery constructed around 1900. The adjoining cottage was built shortly after 1920 and housed most of the subsequent owners of the bakery building.

The bakery was extended to accommodate wood fired brick kilns which in turn gave way to electric ovens. By the mid-1900s the need for local bakeries had disappeared and the building lay empty.

From 1981 to 1985 the building was used as a workshop for handcrafted kauri furniture. Since then it has been in use as a shop.



After leaving the Feist Bakery Building, cross Waterfront Drive and continue south for 100 metres. Then turn left onto a small promontory of land known as Maori Point.
The marker for the viewing point for the Flax Mill Site 15 is on the south side of the point looking toward State Highway 10.