Discover the Magic of Doubtless Bay:
A Paradise Awaiting Your Exploration

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Beaches of Doubtless Bay

Doubtless Bay has many beautiful white sand beaches. From West facing Hihi, to Coopers Beach, Cable Bay, Taipa – with its estuary and sweeping beach – to the long vista of Tokerau ending at the idyllic Whatuwhiwhi. Then over the hill to the end of the Karikari peninsular and the twin beaches at
Matai Bay, breathtaking in their beauty. Then travel back down the peninsular to the blindingly white sand of Puheke beach with water so clear it crackles. Then to the harbour beach of the boat fisherman’s paradise of Rangiputa.

Coopers Beach
A great expanse of unspoiled fine sand backed by rows of beautiful Pohutukawa trees.
Cable Bay
A beautiful pink-coral and golden sand beach with small lagoon and rock pools. Cable Bay is steeply shelving and at certain stage of tide and waves it can be hard to keep your footing.
Taipa Beach
A pretty white-sand beach with excellent surf at times.
Tokerau Beach
On the Karikari Peninsula - a good beach to gather shellfish for supper and warm water for swimming. Frequently excellent surf and fine for blo-karting and kite surfing.
Maitai Bay
At the northern tip of the Karikari Peninsula is one of New Zealand’s most beautiful bays which is popular for camping and swimming.
A sheltered fine white-sand beach on Rangaunu Harbour on the west coast of the Karikari Peninsula.
Taupo Bay
At the eastern end of Doubtless Bay, here is a white sand beach with crystal clear waters - one of our most popular surf spots.

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While our beaches are popular for swimming, their open waters carry natural waves and currents. We advise visitors to respect the ocean and follow simple safety guidelines.

Mindful Swimming 

Always assess the conditions before entering the water. Children should be always supervised. If you cannot swim it is best to stay out of the water.

Inflatable Swimming Aids

Swimming aids such as arm bands, pool toys and mattresses can be dangerous as they can carry swimmers out to sea.

Surf Awareness

Be extra vigilant when in surf and always look for rips – never swim in a rip. If caught in a rip: –Relax, Raise your hand, Rid the rip.
Learn about Beach Hazards – always look for hazards.
Learn to recognise different Types of Waves - take extra care if the surf is big.
Learn how to Stay Safe in the Water – don’t take any risks.

Safety First

Always underestimate your swimming abilities – the ocean is not a swimming pool.
Look here for Beach Hazards and Beach and Coastal Safety Messages

Some of our beaches have Public Rescue Equipment (PRE) permanently installed near key entry points. These have been installed through Operation Flotation which was founded right here in Doubtless Bay. Surf Live Saving NZ is now leading a project, in conjunction with Operation Flotation, to roll these out nationwide.

Being careful near the sea means you can enjoy our beach paradise whilst staying safe.

Walks in Doubtless Bay

Embark on a journey through Doubtless Bay’s diverse trails. From the historic Mangonui Heritage Trail to the panoramic Rangikapiti Pa, our walks offer something for everyone. Discover scenic beaches, lush nature reserves, and breathtaking vistas. Each path in Doubtless Bay is a unique adventure, perfect for walkers of all levels. Step into our world of natural beauty and let each trail tell you its story.

Discover Mangonui’s rich history on this 3 km heritage trail. Starting at the historic courthouse, enjoy breathtaking views from St. Andrew’s Walkway and delve into the area’s Maori and European past. Accessible on foot or by vehicle, it’s a 1.5-hour journey into history.


Panoramic views await at Rangikapiti Pa. Just a 5-minute walk from the car park, this site offers a splendid vista over Mangonui Harbour.

Stroll along Coopers Beach for a relaxing 40-minute return walk, accessible most times except high tide. Start from Kotare Drive, the shopping center, or Taumararuumaru Reserve.

Explore this reserve with its pa sites and stunning views. The walk starts from the State Highway 10 car park and takes about 45 to 60 minutes to complete.

Explore this reserve with its pa sites and stunning views. The walk starts from the State Highway 10 car park and takes about 45 to 60 minutes to complete.

Embark on a brief, enlightening journey at Gum Hole Reserve, just 2 km off State Highway 10 along Inland Road. This easy, 2-minute loop walk takes you through dense manuka scrub and past historical gum-diggers’ holes, complete with informative boards en route.

Enjoy a tranquil walk along ‘Coca Cola’ Lake’s shoreline, located at the end of Ramp Road. The journey to this serene spot begins approximately 3.5 km from State Highway 10 on Inland Road, leading to a peaceful lakeside stroll.

This 40-minute hike at Puheke Recreation Reserve offers stunning views of Karikari Bay’s white sandy beaches. Starting from State Highway 10, the trail ascends from the beach parking area, revealing breathtaking vistas of Doubtless Bay and the Aupouri Peninsula

Starting from Matai Bay’s D.O.C. campground, this 3-hour return walk takes you around Merita Beach and Poroa Stream, culminating in the awe-inspiring Paraawanui Trig. Experience diverse landscapes from rocky bays to forested cliffs. Check with the D.O.C. office in Kaitaia before starting.

Discover the serene Lake Ngatu with a relaxing one-hour walk around its perimeter. Located just off State Highway 1, follow Waipapakauri Road and Sweetwater Road to find this tranquil trail, a stone’s throw from Ninety Mile Beach.

This 5.6 km track, a two-hour journey each way, begins 400m up Campbell Road in Totara North. Traverse through rejuvenating forests to Lane Cove, where a D.O.C. hut nestles in the harbor’s western arm. Arrange a boat pickup with Whangaroa water taxi for a unique return journey.

Enhance your Lane Cove walk by venturing an additional 1 km to Duke’s Nose. This challenging climb, starting behind Lane Cove Cottage, rewards you with commanding views of Whangaroa Harbour.

A 30-minute ascent to St Paul’s Rock starts at the car park on Old Hospital Road. This 500m track offers a rewarding climb with panoramic views of Whangaroa Harbour, perfect for capturing the essence of the region.

Journey Through Time

The Rich History of Doubtless Bay

Embark on a journey through time in Doubtless Bay, where the first settlers arrived in 900 AD, marking the dawn of a rich cultural tapestry. The legendary explorer Kupe's landing at Taipa, commemorated by a striking monument, signifies the start of human history in New Zealand. This land, named 'Mangonui' by Moehuri for its 'large shark', resonates with the vibrant marine life and deep-rooted Māori folklore. The Ngāti Kahu tribe's legacy, reflected in twenty-one Marae, showcases their enduring influence in the region. European exploration's foray into this stunning landscape began with Captain James Cook in 1769, quickly followed by French navigator Jean de Surville, setting the stage for a melting pot of cultures and histories.
Witness Doubtless Bay's transformation from a bustling whaling hub in the 1830s to a center of flourishing flax and kauri industries, driving economic growth and international trade. The once vibrant kauri gum trade left an indelible mark on the region’s economy and landscape. European settlers further molded the area, introducing timber milling, agriculture, and trade, which interwove with the area's natural and cultural landmarks. From ancient pā sites to historic buildings, every corner of Doubtless Bay tells a story of its rich heritage and the myriad of cultures that shaped its present-day charm.
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