Heritage Trail of Mangonui | A fine walk around the Heritage Precinct of Mangonui township in Far North New Zealand nz | Site 9


This single-room school was opened on July 2, 1884.

Prior to 1884, Mangonui children had been taught next door in St Andrew’s Church (Site 8) with an average of 12 pupils and then in a schoolhouse on Tasman Street (Site 11).

From 1950, Mangonui School acquired new buildings, expanding to accommodate its growing roll.

Next:To continue the Trail, head west on Colonel Mould Drive to Sailor’s Grave Site 5 or turn left into Tasman Street. This is a steep road downhill without any sidewalk. Early Colonial Villa Site 10 is on your right. Walkers wishing to shorten the Heritage Trail can take the Thomas Street Walkway, which leaves Colonel Mould Drive from beside the Church, down to Mangonui township. This will take you past sites 17 to 22.

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