Site 16: THE LESER BUILDINGS 1900 - 1909

Mangonui Waterfront, c. 1900. Site 16
Mangonui Waterfront, c. 1900. Site 16

The complex of buildings on the corner of Thomas Street and Waterfront Road was built by a German, Gustav Leser, in the early 1900s.

Prior to this, a small group of structures stood here, including the Massey Harris bicycle shop, which was demolished in 1900 to make way for Mr Leser’s general store.

Mr Leser lived around the corner, on Thomas Street, in a tiny building affectionately known as the “toy store,” a replica of which is there today.

At the time of his marriage in 1909, Gus Leser built the two-storeyed, wooden residence on Waterfront Road on the southern side of his general store.



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